No War Soon

Many of my friends and a few of my family are concerned. They have asked me if I believe we are on the brink of a new civil war.

In answer I have told them, “no, absolutely not.”

In fact a civil war would imply a basis in some slight of basic civil rights at the heart of the matter. It is far more likely a new revolutionary matter is close at hand. Even then I predict no war.

What, if anything, is likely is a revolutionary pummeling, a battering, a devastation of opposition.

Quite simply put there is such a disparity between any force that might rise up as versus the US Armed forces that the first battle(s) would barely begin ere they were defeated almost utterly.

It is necessary to first remember that America’s well known revolutionary war occurred during a time when our means of war was technologically matched with our oppressors. Such would not be the case now.

Make no mistake: the American government would have no compunction with regard to the full bearing of our military might, short of nuclear arms, here on our own soil. If you think that unlikely recall that, during the civil war, both divided governments asked nor offered any quarter. All the options available at the time were brought to bear on each side.

As such, at this time, ground, air and naval forces would be employed to the detriment of any rebel forces.

Of course there is a slim, albeit very real, chance that a tiny percentage of military members would mutiny and in so doing attempt to bring with them what tools of war they could but stealing fighter jets, tanks, artillery and the like is not a simple task. The theft of a few HMMWVs or the rare Blackhawk has happened in the past but during time of war or police action they are less likely to slip quietly away.

Since few American citizens happen to have an F-15 or an ATF on their personal airstrip, air superiority would be the first insurmountable obstacle. Even should your neighbor have a well hidden, maintained and stocked M60 tank in his backyard it won’t hold up long when outnumbered a hundred to one.

Guerrilla tactics are great when you have large numbers of expendable personnel with high levels of training but against an equally or better trained military fighting on their own turf as their leaders prod them on at every step, those tactics merely delay inevitable defeat.

The best militia leaders in America would surely know that this would make for a war that would be unable to be won, therefore a pointless waste of lives.

At best I predict that between the day of the final recount and the day our new President is to take office we will see some minor skirmishes. At worst we may find ourselves in a situation where there are two to three months of high intensity battles which will be subdued quickly. Either way my advice is to be prepared.

It is important to realize that regardless how things turn out, if there are war-like acts of violence on American soil the office of the President will likely declare Martial Law in the places affected. Should hostilities continue, that act could encompass the entire country.

If Martial Law is declared many powers are handed to the United States Military which can affect you as well as your family, friends and loved ones.

Not the least of these is the control of local regions. Depending on the interpretation of local threat-risk, the military will cordon off towns, cities and even small villages in some cases. These cordons would consist predominantly of roadblocks and travel restrictions. These restrictions would often prevent people from travel between their “home” city and any other point on the map without at a minimum providing information on where they were traveling and why. In a worst case scenario no travel at all might be allowed, or only travel by approved permit.

Further, the military would be authorized to take many actions, some mild, some drastic, to quell real or suspected unrest. For example the military would be authorized to shut down local suppliers of gasoline, diesel and other fuels or regulate their dispensing. In some cases the military could order areas of the power grid to be shut down as a deterrent to uprising or to squash a disturbance.

Again, depending on what happens and where, you may find yourself at the least wanting to stock up on some food and water. If you live in a cold climate I would highly recommend buying some non-electric heaters and ensuring you have enough fuel to run them for a few days minimum.

But as for all out war? Sometimes I think we need a good old fashioned revolution. If nothing else it would shake up and wake up a fair number of people who have slept through the past two decades or so. But ultimately we will never be at true peace in this country among ourselves until we all begin to realize that neither the Left or Right is ever going to be the truly correct bunch. Liberals versus conservatives has to become a thing of the past before true equality will ever be the word of the day. Only when we all come to grips with being somewhere in the middle can every man, woman and child in America find real happiness.

But war won’t do that. So no, no war soon.

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