The following are a few questions I have been asked. I’ll answer them here and hopefully save you the time and trouble of asking something I have already explained. (Not to mention saving myself from becoming a repetition machine!)

Where do you get your ideas?

I’m not completely certain of this one. Inspiration for my writing initially came from my experiences in life. But the ideas for individual stories? I suspect those come from somewhere between the center of the galaxy and the outer edges of nowhere.

Do you ever worry you’ll go nuts writing these awful things?

Not even remotely. I arrived at nuts sometime in the eighties. No, all kidding aside I don’t. I find that writing these tales is actually constructive. It helps me to cope with real world horrors. Since I began writing I sleep better at night and am more relaxed during the day.

Can I give you story ideas and you could write them?

On the one hand I appreciate the idea but on the other it’s a terrible one. If you have a story you’d like to tell, it’s your story. Even if you fed me the best outline on Earth it won’t come out the way it plays out for you. If you have an idea, write it. Even if you don’t think you could ever publish it, put it on paper and give it to friends to read. Then it’s yours forever and will be told again and again.