My Vision

It is my hope to bring stories to the world which will send a chill up the spine of the reader. The type of chill that makes you wish for a warm tropical beach and the comfort of friends and family. You may wonder how I will accomplish this? Well certainly not from ghouls and goblins. I intend to give you stories straight from the minds of humanity and all the horrors it is capable of. We have enough real monsters in the world to draw from. There is no need to create imaginary ones.

My Story

Well here’s the rub. All too often when we hear the word “story” we think of a fictional tale of fancy and wonder. But by definition a story can also be the relation of factual details in an ordered form.

My story? Well that’s simple, really. I am a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, having served in two different branches. Prior to that I worked in the security field, and did so again after retiring from the service. During the course of my professional career I saw some of the most horrific things you would never want to imagine. Beyond the things I saw and dealt with I was imparted with the knowledge of other horrendous deeds by my compatriots.

I should mention here I attended a business college, majoring in computer programming and minoring in accounting and communication.

Armed with my experience and my education I felt it necessary to share with the world stories which are fictional, yet based on the horrors I have seen and experienced.

Make no mistake, the details of my stories are never drawn directly from reality. They are a conglomeration of the things I know humanity to be capable of.